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Special solutions for special requirements

Additive manufacturing in metal production have a different standard than, for example, the 3D printing of plastics or other materials. Therefore, special solutions are required that are precisely tailored to the needs of additive metal fabrication. With LaserTools®, you get the best possible solution for preparing and optimizing parts for 3D metal manufacturing. LaserTools produces high quality components in no time.

The complete solution

LaserTools® supports everything from importing part data, optimizing geometries, creating grid structures, calculating job paths, placing the build platform, to the job. For complex custom solutions, it is important for software to fully cover the entire process. In addition, the LaserTools software handles the final product machining. Laser deposition welding in perfection.

Automate without losing control

Fast and flexible geometry editing

LaserTools® is state-of-the-art in model preparation for 3D additive manufacturing. No need to convert data between meshes and analytic model definitions. Work seamlessly with B-rep (volume or surface models) or mesh formats (STL). This enables you to maintain a constant quality of your data and take advantage of time savings, ensured by a flexible structure that allows model changes.

Optimized machining strategies

Utilize the numerous machining strategies provided by LaserTools® in different process stages and integrate them into an overall process. This minimizes the processing times while maintaining the same high quality of the parts. Using powerful, versatile machining strategies, you create efficient laser tracks, taking into account the design intent and component geometry. Master all the challenges of additive metal fabrication in a snap.

How it works - 6 steps to the finished component


1. CAD interfaces

Import from CAD systems using (IGES, STEP, VDA, Parasolid, SAT (ACIS) and STL), or by native formats like (AutoCAD®, Autodesk Inventor®, CATIA®, Creo Elements/Pro®, Siemens NX®, SolidWorks® and SolidEdge®).

Laserbahnen berechnen

2. Part preparation

Position your parts, analyze undercut areas and create necessary support geometry. Scale areas or the complete part to compensate for shrinkage during the process. Modify existing models by using the integrated direct modeling features to have the parts ready for manufacturing.

LaserTools by NetVision

3. Optimizing the model structure

Optimize parts by creating lattice structures or importing them from other third party systems. Defeature models by removing infills to optimize weight and material usage. Utilize the complete CAD functionality to prepare the model geometry to be perfectly ready for manufacturing (e.g. offset faces or hole parameters).

Stützgeometrie erstellen

4. Generate support structures

Analyzing the CAD model to find ideal support structures placements ist fast and easy. Placing supports manually, for example by creating custom sketches, is integrated tightly with corresponding assistance mechanisms to achieve results in a fast and efficient manner.

Laserbahnen berechnen

5. Calculate toolpaths

Take advantage of intelligent toolpath calculation algorithms, like our automatic zone optimization. Simulate the LMD process including machine kinematics. To solve complex cases, the integrated layer and slicing verification system allows for optimizing toolpaths within our integrated toolpath editor. Use predefined jobs utilizing prooven parameter settings for machines, material and laser.

Nachbearbeitung des Druckteils

6. Finishing of components

Use the robot enabled integrated 2-5 axis milling and drilling to machine or remove support geometry, machine areas which require high quality and tight tolerances. All machining modules are organized in one consistent user interface to ensure the best possible user experience.

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